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Alaska Seismic Solutions specializes in Foundations Leaks Services, Concrete Repair Services, and Structural Repair Services. No construction project is too large or too small, and all construction projects that we undertake are as important to us as they are to our customers.

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Concrete upgrades
Waterproofing concrete slab repair 1
Waterproofing concrete slab repair 2

Our Work

Composite Upgrades & Strengthening

Steel is one of the strongest building materials on the market. Normally we would think that there is no problem using steel in construction because steel is built to last.

Concrete Epoxy Injection Repair

Concrete in Alaska has to deal with intense freezing and thawing cycles. Our qualified team of epoxy experts will repair your concrete with the best product on the market.


Concrete Repairs

Look at your Anchorage, Wasilla & Fairbanks concrete. Is it smooth and unblemished or does it have cracks zigzagging it?

Expansion Joints

Expansion joint is a broad term for an engineering idea that is created with a variety of materials. What they are made for is to add flexibility to materials which are ideal for their durability and strength.



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